From creative, writing, art direction, and production, editorial, visual effects, and finishing services in house...KYLE nyc is a single-source filmmaking solution. We can handle the entire job or just the parts you need. We work in commercials, films, social media, narrative, documentary, animation, comedy, drama, and pretty much anything that can appear on a screen. Screens that you hold in your hand, hang on the wall, or watch in a darkened theater…

Everything we do matches the values and personalities of the exceptionally talented people who work here. Writers, directors, editors, producers, assistants, and even the occasional pet. KYLE folks are funny, friendly, smart, creative, easy-going, loyal, professional, sometimes ridiculous, and always serious about the work.

Our belief is that the second you walk in the door, you're one of us! Our job is to collaborate with you in every way possible to help you create something you and your clients are proud of.

At KYLE, we love what we do, and somehow that love always shows up in the work. 

  • 15 W 26th Street
  • 8th Floor
  • New York, NY 10010